queen elizabeth reptilian

For a bit shy of 20 years, I’ve been a “conspiracy theory” fanatic. For a bit they’ve led me down some dark roads, but now I enjoy learning about them as an exercise in understanding absurdity. I find it to be more satisfying and stimulating (and entertaining) than absurdist humor or Dada. This is always a fun conversation to have with someone I’ve just met…

One of the big theories I find most amusing is that of the Reptilians. If you don’t know about Reptilians, I implore you to read up on them.

To cut to the chase, the theory supposes that the Earth is secretly run through the Illuminati, which is headed by a race of Reptilian Humanoids (disguised as Humans). Sounds wild, and maybe a bit plausible when you think of the state of modern politics.

Recently, while researching Pindar, the Lizard King, I stumbled into a story told by Hermes Trismegistus (creator of Hermeticism) which recounted the days of Atlantis. The Atlanteans had successfully defeated the Reptilians, but had not killed them all. Over time, these remaining Reptilians would infiltrate Atlantean civics (via shapeshifting) in the attempt at undermining it and regaining control.

To combat this, a word was discovered, or invented, which could only be said by Humans, thus giving Atlanteans the ability to discern between themselves and the Reptilians.

The wise men evolved a word which could only be pronounced by human vocal cords and not by those of the snake people. That word was “Kinninigan,” and is still a great dispeller of illusion. Once each year the rulers of Atlantis stood before the people assembled and pronounced the word so that the people could know that they were ruled by their own kind.

The notion of this, especially in the current political climate, has really intrigued me. Forget whether or not Giant Lizards rule the world, but what if we could have a world wide database of all humanity “proving they were human” by simply recording a video of themselves saying a word? It’s an oath of sorts. “I am human, I act in the interest of humanity.”

I believe taking part in such a demonstration could be a powerful symbolic gesture, and hell, we might even smoke out a lizard or two.