Unabomber Manifesto

The complete and searchable text of Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto.

what is lggbdtttiqqaapp?

A web page that aims to clarify the acronym, and define the parts of it.

does carlo care?

A web page that answers the question “does carlo care”.

cat vortex

A goofy animation utilizing TweenMax.

possible vandalism

A Twitter account which monitors and reports all articles flagged with “Possible Vandalism”.


A meditative, abstract web page.

goodbye to language

A web page that offers various downloads of my favorite hit from a movie score.

wall drawing #118

A Javascript/jQuery recreation of Sol Lewitt’s work.

photos of me

An experiment in which I attempt to flood search engines with blank images of “me”.


A Twitter account that exclusively tweets words that governmental agencies are concerned about.

dog and pony show

A blog that was relatively successful. I co-founded/owned and wrote prolifically from 2007-2013. (Now only a small sampling of my work appears. Here are my video contributions.)