A readable/searchable webpage with the full contents of the famous manifesto.

For a long time (6 years?) I’ve half-started a number of projects that revolve around making specific texts more readable on the web. I’ve gotten pretty far along with some, offering some really robust features like bookmarking, searching, etc, but never really finished on due to some of the issues I ran into (read: got bored with) involving the transfer from .pdf to HTML. This morning I went ahead and decided to complete a text from start to finish.

UnabomberManifesto.com is a webpage that display the complete text of Industrial Society and Its Future written by the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. I chose this text due to the fact that, while they are “the writings of a madman”, it seems to have seen a resurgence in interest. Many of the ideas presented in the manifesto have actually come to fruition, a television show is currently airing, dramatizing the manhunt for Mr. Kaczynski, and many individuals on the internet have noticed some of the more political ideas being more accurate in this, the current year.

My own personal interest in the material stems from a combination of a deep interest in anti-establishment individuals and groups from the 90s (The Unabomber, Branch Davidians, Heaven’s Gate, etc) and a sort of simpatico with the anti-technological viewpoints found within the text.

The site itself features very little in terms of “functionality”, though I may expand upon it in time. Currently there is a search feature, which allows the user to search for a term within the text. I’ve also went ahead and hyperlinked the footnotes and their corresponding paragraphs.